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Empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals


Help achieve the YouChooz mission to empower students with the resources to pursue careers in the healthcare, well-being, and sports industries through a brand refresh, website renovation, and a strong digital marketing strategy to cultivate brand awareness.


A fresh rebranding supported by an intricate digital marketing strategy and a revamped (online) platform that is easy to use and offers YouChooz’s target audience relevant and helpful information for picking the right career path. 


With a vibrant rebranding, zesty new platform, and solid digital marketing foundation, YouChooz has a new dynamic new look that significantly increased website traffic, views, and engagement, captivating audiences with its visually appealing and reliable information. 

increase in social media followers

Brand strategy: a vibrant rebranding

YouChooz is a Dutch non-profit organization on a mission to educate and encourage students who want to pursue careers in the healthcare, well-being, and sports industries. We adopted a comprehensive strategy to rebrand YouChooz and solidify their brand identity. With a deep understanding of YouChooz’s brand identity and narrative, we crafted clear brand guidelines, an engaging illustration style, and a compelling tone of voice. By ensuring that every element of the rebranding aligned with YouChooz’s mission, our strategy was to captivate their target audience, fostering heightened awareness and visibility for the YouChooz brand.

The creative process: resonating with the audience

The valuable insights that we gained through extensive preliminary research enabled us to develop customer personas and a brand identity that exuded friendliness, expertise, and persuasion. In line with YouChooz’s unwavering focus on their target audience, we conducted focused groups to understand how they perceived and connected with various aspects of the brand, including color preferences. This led to impactful rebranding efforts, including an animated logo and a refreshed tagline. While maintaining the recognizable colors and name, we established comprehensive brand guidelines that fostered brand recognition and consistency across all touchpoints.

Website strategy: an inspiring online presence

To align YouChooz’s rebranding with their digital presence, we conducted a website assessment and found that their existing website was slow and difficult to navigate. Our strategy was to build a visually appealing website with a restructured layout, giving students a seamless and informative browsing experience and guiding them more effectively. This was paired with a captivating blog creating an essential avenue for YouChooz to engage with its target audience actively. The strengthened digital experience paved the way for YouChooz to provide students with the resources to take control of their own career paths. 

The creative process: an informative and inspiring website

We undertook a transformation process that went beyond a redesign. The creative journey was guided by mood boards and focus groups to help us implement user feedback and design a website that resonated with YouChooz’s target audience. With a focus on user experience, we explored two propositions—one inspiring and the other informative—and found a perfect balance between the two. To enrich the user journey, we introduced a blog featuring guest and editorial bloggers, offering valuable insights and fostering engagement. The inclusion of Chooz Guides, profiles of professionals in various fields, empowered students to interact directly with industry experts, obtaining personalized guidance for their career paths. To further increase the website’s reach and discoverability, we took proactive measures to elevate YouChooz’s search engine performance through technical enhancements and strategic content optimizations. 

Digital marketing strategy: driving engagement

To take YouChooz’s visibility to new heights, our marketing strategy focused on engaging with the brand’s target audience in the right place at the right time. We created a digital marketing strategy, content strategy, and yearly campaign focusing on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, which are suitable platforms to appeal to YouChooz’s target audience: students looking for the next step in their careers. To track engagement and optimize future campaigns, we seamlessly integrated a CRM system into YouChooz’s operations, utilizing HubSpot for newsletters, forms, and questionnaires, while leveraging Hotjar for invaluable tracking and feedback insights.

The creative process: marketing tailored to students

We adopted a dynamic digital marketing approach that quickly involved more specific and targeted campaigns. Using a seasonal strategy, we aligned with key milestones in students’ lives, adapting the content to their evolving needs and preferences. We used various methods to drive engagement, including display and search ads on Google. Alongside this, we also ventured into social media campaigns, utilizing platforms like Instagram and piloting a TikTok campaign. These were tackled using multiple themes with engaging assets to address specific pain points and queries. Looking ahead, it was essential to develop a comprehensive social media and influencer marketing strategy, which is being implemented in 2023, combining Instagram and TikTok channels. Employing a performance-driven methodology, involving campaign reporting and CRM integration, enabled us to analyze data from multiple sources and optimize content production. 


The YouChooz website is built using a headless architecture and the front end developed using React, an open-source JavaScript library. This headless approach allows for the separation of the website's presentation layer (front end) from its back end, enabling greater flexibility and scalability in the overall architecture.

By leveraging Drupal as the content management system (CMS) for the website, the development team can leverage its robust capabilities, flexibility, and security features. This combination empowers YouChooz to efficiently manage and deliver high-quality content, providing a seamless experience for their users while maintaining the integrity and security of their platform. 

The website also integrates HubSpot and Hotjar.

System Integrations

Hubspot, Hotjar

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  • Revamping "Do the Test" feature on the website, a tool that enables users to discover education and work opportunities, resulting in a remarkable surge in website traffic
  • Exploring new practices like influencer collaborations and social media breakthroughs, enhancing long-term engagement for YouChooz
  • Collaborating and fostering a long-term partnership with a company dedicated to creating positive change for students
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