Content management systems (CMS)

Content management system (CMS) is the central control hub, where you manage and monitor the barrage of images, videos, words and sounds specially curated for your customers; nudging them into right spots so that they appear as you envisioned across the different platforms, channels and devices.

CMS is an integral tool used to flesh out your digital experiences with engaging content. It is the ultimate solution for all digital and content management team. A good CMS should have:

  • Low learning curve with little programming expertise needed
  • Easy collaborative workflow and easy access amongst your team members
  • Good fit and scalability for your content management goals and needs

Delivering experience as you envisioned

Faced with the infinite stream of content possibilities and demands from customers, content management can be challenging. Without well thought processes and resources to ensure that all this content is presented the right way and at the right touchpoint. CMS creates a structure and makes content management much of a breeze if it is set-up and used in the right way.

The art and science behind content management

The first steps towards content management will be selecting the most ideal CMS for your needs. You will need to consider the larger macro goals of your project. Does your corporate CMS website need to organize the content for search engine crawls? Does it need to offer multi-lingual support? Content management is also ultimately a team effort. Administratively, you need to think about its suitability for collaborative workflows, access rights management and security. Last but not the least, its content indexing functions and capacity for diverse content types will also be important priorities.

Beyond this, the next step will be to orientate the team towards how the system should be used and organized. You will also want to continuously evolve your content management process in the CMS. The CMS is ultimately the funnel that sits between the visceral experience presented to your customers and the technical marvel that made the experience possible. It is ideal that you put on both hats to assess the workflow to optimize the needs on both sides.

This might sound like a lot just to get started with. But our years of experience with different CMS, like Drupal and WordPress, enables us to match you with the most ideal CMS and leapfrog your team into it with the most optimal workflow. This way, you can start delivery great experiences from the first day.

Bill Marks
Chief Technology Officer

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