Product & platform development

For custom needs we develop tailored digital products, that are built in the right platform to create the best possible experience. We can connect with platforms like Paypal, SAP, Microsoft cloud API’s, Hubspot and more, based on your requirements and translate this into top notch user friendly custom build platforms.

Tailored solutions

Every request has its own challenges and custom requirements. It’s important to define a specific approach for your requirements and propose a creative and technical solution. We can only offer the best proposal when we gather the most insights from the technical briefing, and architectural landscape that we create together.

Focus on long term architecture

It’s all about creating a rock solid product, that connects to your internal infrastructure with focus on stability and a long term vision. We will select the best matching technical toolset, like ReactJS, to build your platform with proven techniques. All taking in mind the:

  • Technical presets within your own IT infrastructure
  • API’s which need to be implemented
  • Specific security guidelines for your platform (see also our service DevOps or security & quality assurance)
  • GDPR guidelines to comply with regulations
  • Connecting with your other partners

A big build will usually be online for a longer period of time, thus the focus is typically on long term architecture.

Bill Marks
Chief Technology Officer

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