Product & platform development

For custom needs, we develop tailored digital products. We connect with platforms like Paypal, SAP, Microsoft cloud APIs, Hubspot, and more to create top-notch user-friendly platforms.

Tailored solutions

Every project has its challenges and specifications. Our approach starts with a technical brief that determines the scope of the project and allows us to gain a deeper understanding of you. After, we propose creative and technological solutions based on your specific requirements. 

Focus on the long-term architecture

Our rock-solid products connect to your internal infrastructure with a focus on stability and long-term viability. We will select the best matching technical toolset, like ReactJS, to build your platform with an easy to use, compelling user interface. As we design, we keep in mind the:

  • Technical presets within your own IT infrastructure
  • APIs which need to be implemented
  • Specific security guidelines for your platform 
  • GDPR guidelines (to ensure compliance with regulations)
  • Connections with your other partners

Marianela Queme

Head of Technology

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