Targeted digital content

Targeted digital content is created to provide valuable and relevant information for a niche audience to cover their needs or to drive a specific response from that group, like successful conversions.

Hit the spot with targeted content

Targeted digital content provides your target audience with the right content at the right time in their customer journey. It appeals specifically to the targeted audience and prompts them to take action and convert, for example:

  • Subscribing to a newsletter.
  • Filling out the contact form.
  • Complete a purchase.

Another reason to create targeted content is because everyone is creating so much content nowadays and it’s becoming really hard to stand out and reach your audience. Targeted digital content helps you to achieve your goals and that’s about enough reason to start producing and optimizing targeted digital content yesterday.

Provide the solution for their problems

Producing targeted content needs a good strategy. First we define who your audience is by creating persona’s. Then, when we know who the audience is, we zoom in on their needs - because we are not only targeting the persona’s, but we are targeting their specific problem which they need to be solved. Good targeted content means knowing your audience and knowing their pain. But there is another important step; to identify the growth constraints of your business to make the effort of the targeted content strategy effective. Targeted digital content works even better if you optimize it. With some SEO magic we can create targeted content that is not only appealing to the target audience, but also to the search engines, so that your content will pop up in the search results when your target audience search for it. So let’s create a targeted digital content that hits the bullseye. Get in touch!

Ben Verschuur
Head of Performance

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