Security and quality assurance

All of our products are built with a mindset of quality and security.

Every service or product needs a different security approach

A result is quite useless if we can’t guarantee a secure and qualitative product after the ‘Go-live’. We will align on the requirements based on your product or service.. For example a financial product requires to keep all of the gates closed, while a campaign for a product launch should have more focus on server scalability, regarding peeks in user traffic.

Guaranteed quality and security

We guarantee quality and security by:

  • Testing and checking the ‘Go-live’ checklist (which include all DPDK best practices from over 18 years of experience)
  • Implementing Google best practices (Lighthouse measuring performance, best practices, SEO and accessibility)
  • Mobile excellence (following best in class award driven guidelines)
  • Advising and implementing on the GDPR guidelines in cooperation with your legal department
  • Putting tracking in place (GTM, GA, Matomo) QA testing (on different devices and browsers)
  • Implementing additional ways of testing, dependending on your requirements like user testing, unit testing and pen testing
Bill Marks
Chief Technology Officer

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