Design Thinking

Our approach to solving problems is solution based and human oriented. We face challenges coming our way in a creative and innovative way. We practice design thinking, because it’s a way of working structurally, while making sure we always stay innovative. The approach is always the same, so we can turn our focus to new ideas and improving those ideas. Design thinking is a way to achieve top-notch results. With the user in mind, we seek to challenge assumptions, redefine the challenges and come up with solutions. We focus on thorough research, developing ideas, and rethinking time and time again to come up with suitable solutions.


At the core of design thinking is the intention to improve products by having a clear overview of how our users interact with our products, and then testing them in order to keep achieving exceptionalism. The bottom line is, If you don’t have a structured approach, you won’t be able to make exceptional products. If you want to have a sustainable advantage in business, you have to reinvent often, and fostering design thinking does just that. You need to keep up with the ever-changing market with efficiency-based strategies.

The triple diamond approach

DPDK’s general production cycle aims to make projects flow better from the initial brief to the end delivery of the projects. We have built upon the design thinking paradigm to suit our divergent productions within the agency. The process is divided into three phases. In the strategize phase, we learn to immerse ourselves in the people we are designing for and deeply understand their needs. In the create phase, we make sense of what we have learned, identify the opportunities for design, and prototype possible solutions. In the execute phase we bring the solution to life. The first two are conducted through workshops, while the third incorporates backlog sessions, sprints and improving your product. Ready to let your business thrive?

Michael Vromans
Chief Creative Officer

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