Campaign is a well-planned and organized series of work that is building up to achieve a goal or a series of goals.

A good campaign has a certain theme and includes some of the touchpoints of the customer journey. This campaign theme can be leveraged over extended periods of time with multiple variations or different elements to tell an entire story. For example a digital campaign can consist out of several ads, social media posts and landing pages. But make no mistake, a campaign involves a lot more than this.

An effective campaign makes sure they’ve heard you

An effective campaign can be a big help to achieve your company goals. For example if you want to promote new product launches, events or milestones.

Other reasons why you would want to run a campaign might be:

  • To educate and inform your target audience
  • To pressurise decision-makers
  • To interact with your target audience and leave a mark
  • To mobilise and involve people in your work
  • To change the behaviour and attitudes of your audience
  • To build a positive image around a brand or a product and give it a certain look-and-feel

A message delivered once through a single medium rarely makes a difference unless it goes viral. So let’s build a story around the core message and plan a campaign to make sure your target audience understand what you want to ventilate towards them.

Behind every memorable campaign there is a solid strategy

Every successful campaign has a strong and well thought out digital marketing strategy behind it, because it's a complex undertaking. There is no magic number of how frequent you should repeat the core message, a well-planned approach will prevent that it gets too spammy and annoying.

The campaigns you probably remember do not only sell their product, but also emotional benefits of the products. That’s what we call an effective campaign. It’s important to build meaningful stories and tagline. Timing and the storytelling is crucial. From the moment the campaign is conceived, right up until it’s being presented to the target audience. It requires dedication and attention. Sometimes the campaign needs adjustment and optimization on the way.

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