Our workshops are single, short educational programs designed to suit your precise needs. Whether you need to figure out the question behind the question or learn practical skills and techniques, we guarantee that you’ll learn something new in our workshops regardless of your experience in the industry.

Our workshops are generally small, with anywhere from 4-16 participants. This allows everyone the opportunity to be heard and receive personal attention. They are designed for a team that works together already, or for people working in the same field. All of our workshops are conducted by experts to offer the best possible experience.

Failure is an option

Whether they be at our office or online, our workshops are intensive educational experiences. We use workshops to introduce new concepts, methods, ideas, and/or tools. In this safe environment, we’ve created a place where all ideas are equal and failure doesn't carry a cost. Great things can happen when you challenge your status quo and embolden your team to be fearless. 

Answering business challenges and find competitive trends

We divide our workshops into four phases: planning, preparation, implementation, and follow-up.

  • Planning: defining goals, deciding on attendees, choosing a location, and setting an agenda.
  • Preparation: an in-depth exploration of your unique requirements and goals.
  • Implementation: a 4 to 8 hours-long, high-intensity crash course, that is both fun and hard work.
  • Follow-up: making sure you receive your predefined deliverable and anything else you may need to advance your project/initiative.

Paul Jitta

Chief Growth Officer

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