Our workshops are single, short educational programs designed to figure out the question behind the question, teach practical skills or techniques, nurture ideas and contract obvious and hidden information from organizations to be used for unique, relevant and bespoke solutions.

  • Our workshops are generally small, from 4 to 16 participants, allowing for personal attention and to have everybody heard
  • Usually for a team or people working in the same field
  • Given by experts

Failure is an option

Most of our workshops are intensive educational experiences on location, in a condensed amount of time. New concepts, methods, ideas, and tools will be introduced. In a safe environment, we will challenge the status quo and create a place where all ideas are equal and failure doesn't carry a cost. Only when we become fearless, great things can happen.

Answering business challenges and find competitive trends

We can broadly divide our workshops into four phases: planning, preparation, implementation and follow up.

  • Defining goals, decide on attendees, choosing a location and setting an agenda are just a few of the initial steps.
  • Every organization is different, every requirement and goal unique. Preparation for the specific challenge is always bespoke and in-depth.
  • Depending on what needs to be accomplished, the workshop will be a 4 to 8 hours crash high-intensity crash course, that is both fun and hard work.
  • Every workshop has a clear and predefined deliverable
Paul Jitta
Global Growth Director

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