Research and insights

To stay on the offense, gain advantage and remain on top, innovation relevant to your target audience is essential. Understanding your target audience is the foundation of every successful innovation, and consumer insights increase the chance of a successful launch and longer shelf life.

Increase succesrate

For the evolution from a prototype to a successful product, service, or experience - gathering feedback from users is important. With smaller number of innovative products and services actually being successful, use as much insights, data and research as possible. Thorough research helps you with this.

On point decision making

After define the needs, wants, frustrations and behaviour of your target audience, we gather, develop and share:

  • Insights: understand your audience and contextual influences
  • Promise: the solution to the problem you solve
  • Evidence: the proof is in the pudding

By creating an overview and merging our research, our observations, and our learnings, interesting patterns unfold. Discover hidden relationships, and get surprised by decisive insights.

Michael Vromans
Chief Creative Officer

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