Identity design & style guides

Brand identity refers to how your company is perceived by its customers. It is a collection of elements that cultivate a desired image and generate recognition. There are four key elements that shape your brand’s identity:

  • Your brand’s culture and values
  • Your position in the market
  • Visuals 
  • Style guides

Your unique identity

Like a fingerprint, every brand’s identity is unique. It is through brand identity design that your brand will communicate clearly with your target audience.  If done correctly, your mission, vision, and values will shine through your messaging and your visual assets. 

Shape a strong brand identity

Brand identity is the collective message behind a brand’s name, logo, style, visuals and more. At DPDK, we create these visual elements for your brand. Our design gurus craft unique style guides determining the color palettes, typography, image styles, and asset composition that best illustrate your brand. These style guides ensure complete uniformity in style and formatting. We strive to create a unique and consistent look and feel for your brand that resonates with your target audience.

We bring the hearts and souls of brands to life through brand identity design. Do you want to rebrand or build a brand from the ground up? We are here to help.

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Chief Creative Officer

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