Branded content production

What is branded content production?

Branded content production is an effective marketing technique that doesn’t involve the more invasive aspects of traditional marketing. Instead of directly promoting a brand or its product, branded content is designed to highlight a brand’s values. It engages customers by entertaining them or by forming an authentic emotional connection. As a result, branded content builds customer trust, boosts brand performance, and allows you to creatively position your brand.  

Branded content can be podcasts, games, VR experiences, web series, or articles that contain brand or product messaging. Branded content is often confused with advertising and influencer marketing. However, branded content focuses on creating brand awareness while advertising and influencer marketing exists to increase sales.

Steal the spotlight with branded content

Branded content increases engagement and keeps your brand or product top-of-mind. Because it is consumer-focused, this content creates a bond between your brand and the consumer. Branded content is likable and shareable; it's stuff people want to see. It allows you to connect on a deeper and more meaningful level with your target audience. 

Branded content can boost brand recognition more than traditional advertising, but only if the content doesn’t feel like advertising. People want to be engaged with, not sold to. Remember:

  • Target audiences view integrated brands more favorably if they actually enjoy the content
  • Viewers are more likely to seek out additional content from a brand after being exposed to branded content

Touch them with your story

If you want to manage your (online) brand reputation and brand image, branded content is the perfect way to do so. But producing content that is convincing, emotionally-moving, or relevant takes a lot of time and effort. You can't shove your brand down the viewer's throat. It’s a balancing act. 

Come up with an idea that will appeal to your target audience. Figure out what story you want to tell. Then, consider whether that message fits your value proposition and your brand. Whatever path you choose, you'll need your content distribution to be well-planned. The right ingredients and the right timing are crucial. Don’t worry - we are here to help.

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