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Launching the largest State of European Tech report to date


Help Atomico launch their 8th annual State of European Tech (SoET) report, which would be the largest release to date. Atomico wanted SoET 2022 to feature a unique print report, website, and branded launch event. A new identity was also needed to support SoET’s newest edition. 


A dynamic brand identity that is brought to life across various formats, including a one-of-a-kind print report and innovative website, each of which offers an unparalleled reading experience. The renewed identity was also used to create a range of event assets for SoET Live. 


SoET 2022 was Atomico’s biggest SoET launch to date - its success led to us joining forces with Atomico again for SoET 2023.

SoET launch to date


Every year, leading European venture capitalist firm Atomico launches a comprehensive report on the State of European Tech (SoET). SoET is the definitive, data-led report on the European tech ecosystem. Last year, they turned to DPDK to design the report and build a next-level website dedicated to SoET 2022. Since SoET 2022 was the largest release yet, Atomico also wanted to kick things up a notch and host their first live event to launch the report. They asked us to build a new identity for SoET 2022 - one that was attractive and functional across these different formats.


Our strategy was based on optimizing the reading experience for our target audience, which consists of founders and tech investors. The report features over 400 pages of insights, data sets, and charts. All of this information needed to be consolidated into an appealing and easy-to-navigate reading experience. Combining legibility and aesthetics was key. 


We wanted to develop an identity that is rooted in data and offers a seamless reading experience, both online and offline. After experimenting with color schemes, we landed on a dark mode base for the website and a light mode base for the print report. This ensures optimal legibility on each medium. Atomico’s turquoise blue brand color was made the primary color of SoET’s identity and is contrasted with a bright orange.  

We blurred the lines between print and digital design to give readers a truly exceptional reading experience: the website features booklike navigation and categorizes content into chapters and specific topics. We also created reading tracks which offer a summary of information on specific topics and based on how much time readers have to spare.


The print report offers an equally inventive experience. It’s designed with an index notch that resembles a website menu. This enables readers to skip to what they’re looking for instead of flipping through the whole report -  almost like clicking a button. Each chapter has an introduction, summary, and estimated reading time. 

One of the biggest creative challenges was translating 400 pages of data and charts into a compelling digital and print experience. One way we did this is by creating blobs representing data that become larger as readers progress through the print report’s chapters. This symbolizes the increasing complexity of the data sets. On the website, these blobs are brought to life and float around on the homepage and website lobby.  

SoET Live

The print report and website were launched at SoET Live, which was hosted at the renowned BAFTA in London. 200 guests attended to discuss the European tech landscape and celebrate the launch of SoET 2022. We delivered a range of promotional assets leading up to the event, as well as motion graphics that were displayed at the event.


For the realization of SoET’s website, we opted for React to build the front end and Prismic for the back end as a headless CMS. WebGL, a JavaScript API, was used to create the animations that jazz up the website. Results for search queries on the website are fetched using Algolia. For the print report, we integrated Microsoft Word with InDesign to give Atomico complete control over the copy. 

System Integrations

Google Sheets, Algolia, Highcharts, Microsoft Word, InDesign

Tech partners


  • Launching the first SoET live event within a tight deadline. The project required all hands on deck and we’re incredibly proud of the outcome. 
  • Taking a digital design approach to creating the print report pushed our creative boundaries and enabled us to create a truly innovative reading experience. 
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