Product strategy

Your CX ecosystem comes to life through products. In addition to websites, portals, platforms and other touchpoints, there are countless other innovation opportunities that could function as products. A good product strategy lays down the lifecycle-foundation of your products. It zeroes in on your audience, takes customer insights, needs and wants in consideration and defines key product and customer attributes.

Exceed customer expectations

Your product strategy is at the core of the execution of your product roadmap and future product releases. Having your products aligned with business requirements and several other strategies will help you immensely keeping focus on relevant target audiences, specific features and exceeding customer expectations.

Answering business challenges and find competitive trends

We start with outlining and understanding the current context, business objectives, goals and challenges it should answer, and trends potentially influencing customer satisfaction. We then might focus on generating potential experience moments and come up with a product vision that is desirable and feasible.

Potential deliverables:

  • Overview of the weakness and threats in current product portfolio
  • Overview of potential market opportunities
  • Business and value proposition model
  • Product vision
  • Product map
  • Product horizons

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