Platform evaluation and selection

Following a defined evaluation process without proper insights and knowledge can be a daunting task. Thinking about strategic targets and the benefits the solutions has to bring to teams and the organization as a whole is crucial.

Saving time, money and your project

Our knowledge and experience help you compare specifications in relation to your requirements to make a final decision, possibly after iterating and test drives and save you both time and money. We do the implementation, support you with migration, develop and give training and assist in getting approval within your organization.

The best vendor and most relevant solution

We assess your current state and want to understand the business context and the value drivers in your organization. Then we determine the desired state and zoom in on the best fitting vendor or solution. Depending on internal processes, we can help to get buy-in from stakeholders and steering teams, by providing you with roadmaps, integrated plans or anything needed to convince decision makers.

Do you need a sock solid CMS where you have all the freedom to manage everything? Then we would advice on using Wordpress. If you want the flexibility in managing your content and need a website that stands out on performance and flexibility in templates, then, our Drupal solution would probably fit better. For a custom product/platform based solution, we can develop a Node/Express & ReactJS powered platform.

Marianela Queme

Head of Technology

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