Creating a site to inspire the youth and guide them

How do you get teenagers pumped on joining your school? We set out to make a platform to help potential students decide what direction to go in by making a game out of it and connected it all with facebook to make it as easy as possible.

Facebook connected.
Get connected and find out who might be your next classmates. And see if they have the same interests as you do. Who knows, you might find your best friend. Sharing is caring.
The interest game.
Play the interest game and get inspired. That’s how we keep the potential student’s interest in the process. And makes it a fun experience instead of a frustration.
Internet videos.
Finding out what each direction you can take at the school is as easy as watching a quick movie. Kids love them movies.
Rondleiding 360 video.
Are you the curious type who just can’t wait to see how the place look? Rondleiding got you covered. Take a look around.
Join the open day.
Ready to join the open day? Why not find out who else is going and see if they have the same interests as you do using the interest filter.