Behavioral Insights

Behavioral insights is the knowledge, which helps us understand users’ decision making when interacting with your product. We are gathering them through usability testing, where we test different aspects of their interaction. We want to see the level of user understanding of the concept, and if there are any unclarities.

Valuable feedback

With usability testing we can define if the product meets user expectations, and matches business decisions with real-life use. It’s a tool which gives insights into solving user pain points, improving the return-on-investment from existing traffic and reducing the bounce rate. Its purpose is getting feedback on the product, which then allows for low-risk modification and profitable redesigning. The goal is to discover the flaws in the product and to resolve them.

Usability testing

A user test consisting of just six respondents will uncover 90% of the usability issues. We learn from users’ behavior by developing a clear test plan, based on user stories. They are given specific assignments to accomplish. Their success rate helps us determine the usability of our product. Our test lab is equipped with the latest Tobii eye-tracking technology, which enables us to see your product through the eyes of the user. It can detect their presence, focus and attention. Studying eye movements provides unique insights into the true origin of what caught their attention and what information they indeed process. Those insights then leads to a better understanding of what affects their behavior, decision-making and emotional responses.

  • We have a designated testing area (Little Alice)
  • Usability testing is outcome-oriented
  • We provide testing on different devices - mobile, tablet, desktop
  • Our researchers are highly qualified
  • We utilize numerous interview techniques
  • Respondents from all target groups are available
  • We make use of A/B testing and Tobii eye-tracking technology
  • We have a separate observation room for clients
  • Video & Audio material available
  • Comprehensive reports and applicable improvements
Michael Vromans
Chief Creative Officer

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