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Paybyrd is Europe’s leading personalized payment provider. They asked DPDK for support to develop a future-proof website that accurately reflects Paybyrd’s refreshed brand, stands out, and clearly communicates their product suite.  


A sleek new website starring the no-nonsense, convenience-oriented, and personal touch that Paybyrd is all about. The products are displayed in an inspiring way and backed by customer success stories that prove their added value. 


A much-improved user experience (UX) that instantly lifts the online perception of the brand. The site’s new look and feel presents Paybyrd as the front-runner in personalized payment solutions.  



After reworking Paybyrd’s brand identity, we were excited to roll this out on the corporate website. Paybyrd prides itself on their customer-centric approach to payment solutions. Our approach was to elevate this focus and bring it to life in a clear, straightforward manner.   

To facilitate Paybyrd’s new online home, we first had an in-depth look at the current situation together. Brainstorming sessions were held where we defined target audiences and created web personas. The site had to be user-friendly and the content easily digestible for less tech-savvy audiences too. 

This is why we mapped out a UX with web pages that feature clear, easy-to-understand content aimed to answer as many customer questions as possible and deliver a smooth onboarding experience. The value of Paybyrd’s payment platform is put into context with customer success stories. All with the purpose of designing a customer-centric site that differentiates Paybyrd from competitors.


We needed to create a design language that spotlights Paybyrd’s customer-centric, no-nonsense approach. People-focused photography across the site is one way to accomplish this. Take the homepage for example. Here, the photos are enhanced through image masking – a technique that lets relevant elements take center stage. Our design team also created playful shapes that reinforce Paybyrd’s soaring eagle logo and modern identity.  

The newly created color gradients were rolled out on the site’s design and integrated within the content to keep visitors engaged and interested. We created a visual rhythm by playing with black, white, and purple backgrounds. The white ones in particular emphasize the concept of freedom – which is at the heart of the Paybyrd brand – and the eagle shape in the logo.


We used a full stack web framework called Remix to deliver a fast and resilient UX. The front end is developed with React (also known as React.js or ReactJS), an open-source JavaScript library for building high-performance user interfaces. 

The back end is created with Prismic, a cloud-based, user-friendly, and highly customizable headless content management system. Next to that, we integrated the website with Hubspot, a powerful yet easy-to-use customer relationship management platform. 

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  • Working with a world-class personalized payment provider and having a lot of creative freedom 
  • Seeing the rebranding that we’ve worked on earlier come to life on the site was very rewarding! 
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