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Rework Paybyrd’s brand identity to reflect its forward-thinking attitude. The brand needed an upgrade to stand out against competitors and wanted to reveal their new look at a fast approaching rock festival.


A transformative rebranding that positions Paybyrd as a modern, customer-centric company. The new look captures Paybyrd’s innovative nature, differentiates it from similar tech-financials, and is backed by a brand compass and extensive guidelines.


Despite the time crunch, we delivered the revamped brand on time for its big reveal at the Rock in Rio festival. Paybyrd is ready to take on the world and boast its new cutting-edge identity. 

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Paybyrd, a world-class personalized payment provider, initially reached out for help with updating their website. But when we began the audit we noticed that the brand first needed work. A state-of-the-art website must be built on a solid foundation and a compelling brand identity is essential to differentiate.

Paybyrd agreed, so our strategy team rolled up their sleeves and got busy. We conducted interviews to better understand the Paybyrd brand. The collected insights were used to rework the brand purpose, vision, mission, values, and value proposition. 

These now display the brand’s desire to stimulate courage and business growth through ease of use of personalized payment solutions. The new brand personality reflects their straightforward, friendly, and knowledgeable character. All of this leads to a quite literal payoff and tagline: Paybyrd shows you the money. 


No rebranding is complete without a new logo. We went on to design one that truly reflects the heart and soul of the Paybyrd brand. The logo evolved from a somewhat cartoonish form to a modern embodiment of freedom. We made clever use of the white space to create the shape of a soaring eagle, which perfectly reinforces the brand name.

Each redesigned element pulls its own weight. Take a few seconds, for example, to check out the typography. Our designers reshaped a very modern yet friendly small caps font. They tweaked the height of the taller letters, lowering them from two stories to one, and made changes to improve visual consistency and pattern recognition. 

The brand is given continuity by keeping purple as the main color, while an introduction of gradients featuring light blue and apple green makes it pop and stand out.  


  • Rebranding a hot, up-and-coming payment provider that’s not afraid to innovate. We truly enjoyed the creative freedom Paybyrd has given us
  • Delivering a complete brand transformation within a very tight deadline
  • The idea of thousands of festivalgoers interacting with the fresh Paybyrd identity for the first time gave us design wings 
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