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From an app to a portal: upgrading a digital sales tool


Orange Business Services supports businesses, local governments, and public sector organizations with digital transformations. To do this effectively, they needed to upgrade their app to showcase their request for proposals (RFPs) in an innovative and environmentally-friendly way.


An optimized portal that allows Orange Business Services’ sales team to work on bids for new clients in an easy and functional way. The portal shares real-time information on bids and has customizable templates for mobile, tablet, or desktop. 


Starting as a local solution, Orange Business Services has now implemented the portal as a global initiative. The portal also resulted in increased client and team satisfaction.

client and team satisfaction


The portal called “Touchpoint” is the outcome of the second project we developed with Orange Business Services and is an upgrade from the customized bid app we previously worked on. We used our design-thinking methodology to create the best possible experience for clients.

Instead of an app, we built a portal where new clients receive a URL, login credentials, and are set up with a practical and personalized customer journey.


We redesigned the previous bid app into a beautiful, easy-to-use, and functionally collaborative platform. 

This was done by adding customizable features and messages. We also made reports interactive by allowing the clients to skip chapters and focus on only the information they need. 


To further simplify structuring bid information, we replaced the old Orange app with a custom-built portal. To ensure the security of the platform, we did multiple PEN-tests on Orange Business Services’ infrastructure that ensured all files and sensitive information are protected with the latest technology. 

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  • The opportunity to work with our partner Orange Business Services again. Nothing beats maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Making an already successful product even better with the latest technologies.
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