Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping means turning an idea into a real proof of concept lightning-fast. It is a great way of testing the validity and functionality of ideas, products, and services by creating prototypes quickly.

Stay agile

With industries moving at the speed of light, rapid prototyping allows us to stay ahead of the game by executing quick and frequent revisions of designs based on real-world testing and feedback. A swift viability test that proves the efficacy of new products and services not only saves you time and money, but can keep your organization moving in the right direction through informed decisions.

Test and refine ideas along the way

The benefits of rapid prototyping include:

  • Testing with “real” users instead of mockups
  • Getting rid of assumptions by gathering data and validating product requirements
  • Being collaborative, fast, and efficient

We start with a workshop to identify your goals, target audience, competitors, and the solution you want to bring to market. Then, our team will develop prototypes like working software, visual designs, or other appropriate solutions. We work collaboratively in short sprints that generate deliverables quickly and efficiently.

Michael Vromans

Chief Creative Officer

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