Orange Bid App

Product innovation

Customizing for an exceptional customer experience


Help a global B2B organization create smoother, richer and fluid interactions with (potential) clients.


Personalized bidding app that supports Orange's sales team during RFP processes.


Adopted globally by all Orange Sales teams.


Experience Campaign


To get a message across that can be awkward and not necessarily one teens want in their lives, the messenger itself had to become appealing. We leveraged new technologies and relevant storytelling to connect with our youth and built an innovative solution for an education program.


For every Request For Proposal that the Orange Business Services team receives, an elaborate paper document used to be made. We set out to replace this with a tablet app that feels light, simple and personal.

All proposals that the teams sends out are unique and customised. That's why the app has multiple customisable features: a brand designed, welcome message and detailed information. Of course the most important element -the bid proposal- is unique as well.


Instead of working with dozens of files adding up to a whopping 3000 pages of bid information, clients now get a simple app with a reader at its core. A bid document is loaded into the app, and turns into an interactive pdf with navigable index.

A bid is always accompanied by dozens of pieces of documentation, which need to be easily accessible at all times. That’s why we built a second reader next to the primary one, in which documentation can be opened. Switching between the bid and documentation views is easy; just swipe sideways.

As bid documents get updated during the RFP process, and so does the app. Updated files can be uploaded, after which they will be automatically replaced in the app. Old files are pushed to an in-app archive so they stay available for reference.

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