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The successful launch of a globally embraced sales app


Help a global B2B organization improve their sales process by creating an app that streamlines the interactions with potential clients.


Customized bidding app that supports Orange's sales team during Request for Proposal (RFP) processes.


Improving a key sales process by making the transition from analog to digital. The app was later adopted by all Orange sales teams globally.

global implementation


For every RFP that the Orange Business Services team used to receive, an elaborate paper document had to be made. The vision was to optimize this process through a tablet app that feels light, simple and personal.

The app addresses the user needs of the Orange sales team and its prospective clients. In such a competitive industry, this app allows the team to customize bids to each potential client.


The goal was to design a simple app with a functional reader at its core. With it, bids can be viewed similarly to a digital magazine experience. However, optimization does not mean standardization. That's why the app has multiple customizable features: cover, welcome messages, detailed RFP information and branded designs. All bid proposals that the teams send out are unique and customized.

A bid is always accompanied by a lot of documentation, which needs to be easily accessible at all times. Next to the primary reader, a second one was built for immediate access to documentation. Switching between the bid and documentation views is easy; just swipe sideways.


Instead of working with dozens of files adding up to a whopping 3000 pages of bid information, a bid document is loaded into the app, turning into an interactive pdf with a navigable index.

Bid documents change frequently during RFP processes. Updated files can be uploaded, after which they will be automatically replaced in the app. Old files are pushed to an in-app archive so they stay available for reference.

The iOS & Android native tablet applications were distributed via the company’s app store. Through the integrated Drupal CMS the client has the flexibility to manage and tailor the content. Salesforce CRM was also integrated next to the measurement framework to keep track of key performance indicators.

System Integrations


Tech partners


  • Establishing a close partnership with a leading infrastructure and technology provider for B2B services.
  • The app started as an experiment for the teams in the Netherlands. After its success, it was adopted by Orange sales teams worldwide.
DPDK | 2018

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