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An expressive product design system for a leading data center


Help a global data center provider create a structured product design system that acts as the single source of truth for all of their branded components.


A product design system that translates the brand's identity into an expressive visual design language and ensures a consistent and coherent brand experience across all touchpoints.


The design system led to an award-winning corporate website and customer portal that improved conversions.

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Digital Realty wanted to take their customer experience (CX) to the next level. They lacked a structured visual components library and unified design system that would help them provide coherent and consistent brand experiences across all touchpoints.

We created a design system where Digital Realty’s visual DNA and design elements were stored in one place. It holds all brand and user experience (UX) components, coded elements, detailed documentation, and more. 

The design system bridges design and engineering. It acts as the brand’s single source of truth for all present and future product features, rules, and guidelines. 


The ultimate challenge was to create a design system with which Digital Realty could build a unified CX. 

We created a design system that is more than just a library of brand components. It’s one that can shapeshift in any possible scenario and solve any user interface (UI) related challenge. We crafted design elements that were unique in their own way, such as tailor-made iconography and isometric illustrations. 

By housing all these components in a centralized location, the design system acts as the foundation of Digital Realty’s visual identity. This makes it easier for Digital Realty to create consistent brand experiences at scale. 


  • Building a valuable and future-proof product design system that eliminates the need to create brand elements from scratch 
  • Our team thoroughly enjoyed working on a product design system that will be used by designers for years to come
DPDK | 2020

Michael Vromans

Chief Creative Officer

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