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Turning an industry-leading data provider into an online digital powerhouse


Design a best-in-class online experience that positions Digital Realty as an industry leader and clearly differentiates them from competing brands.


A truly renewed and customized website experience with a comprehensive content management system.


Usability testing consistently showed an average score of over 8 within the target groups. The search engine optimization led to a significant rise in website traffic and conversion.

On usability testing


We organized different explorative workshops with Digital Realty to better understand their target groups. The customer needs and expectations were taken as the strategic starting point and connected to Digital Realty’s business objectives.

This led to a series of prototypes that were tested and evaluated during user pretests. With help from these insights, a prototype was designed that was ready for development.


2 concepts


The new global website for Digital Realty boasts bold statements and design, has a clear navigation and easily recognizable interface patterns. Looking for and finding information is easy and feels comfortable. 

Designed on a flexible grid, the site is easy on the eye no matter the device, while animations and transitions make the experience rich and surprising. Helpful functions as in-page navigation and custom-made explainer animations keep the abundance of information digestible.

‘We were looking for a partner to help elevate our brand and website to the next level and substantially improve the user experience, and I believe we have accomplished that. We did a pretty comprehensive RFP and DPDK stood out as the most creative and innovative team! They have been a great partner throughout and even after launch, continuing to work with us to enhance our site in order to drive higher conversion rates.’

Roxy Gribben
Senior Director of Marketing at Digital Realty

Product design system

To keep the new website consistent in quality and simplicity, we developed a clear product design system. The design system features front-end website elements and components, ready to be reused for easy creation of additional pages and campaigns. 


The technical setup of the new website has been realized with a Node/express (with next.js) driven front-end that is communicating with an (external) GraphQL API, powered by a Craft CMS.

The world globe model that is featured on the site is the most innovative component. It’s created with WebGL and is animated to allow visitors to explore Digital Realty’s locations by clicking and dragging the model around.

System Integrations

Salesforce Pardot forms, GraphQL API, Advanced SPA GTM integration

Tech partners

Content production

To support the revamped visual identity of Digital Realty on their new global home, a DPDK content team went on a world tour to shoot and film Digital Realty locations, equipment and employees across the world. This guaranteed consistency and quality of the photography and videography used on the website and created a pool of content to pick and choose from.


  • Partnering with a client that wants to set a new industry standard, meticulously focusing on continuous improvement in their digital strategy and brand.
  • A complete transformation of the online Digital Realty experience including branding, product design and content development.
  • The website received an honorable mention at the 2019 Webby Awards in the Category Real Estate.
Webby | Honouree Corporate Communications
CSS Design Awards | Special kudos
Awwwards | Honorable mention
Webby Awards - Digital Realty
Awwwards - Digital Realty
CSS Design Awards - Digital Realty
DPDK | 2018

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