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Diergaarde Blijdorp's transformative journey to a sustainable future


Help Blijdorp transform into a purpose-driven organization, and reposition them as a leading force in the field of species preservation and nature restoration.


A revitalized brand strategy, a refreshed visual identity, and a powerful brand image that establishes Blijdorp as an industry leader in conservation.


Since the public launch of Blijdorp’s new positioning, the response from brands, partners, and media has been overwhelmingly positive, serving as a powerful validation of the efforts invested. 

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The power of change

Nature is the epitome of transformations. From caterpillars blossoming into butterflies to fledglings spreading their wings and taking flight, transformations are not only integral to survival but also the building blocks of innovation. 

With both society’s perception of zoos changing and the needs of our planet becoming more urgent, Blijdorp has chosen to embark on a journey to transform their brand. This is where the magic began.

Going hand-in-hand with the repositioning and rebranding of Blijdorp, the Masterplan 2050 formed as a structure that outlined their new mission and goals for the future of our planet. Together these projects had a shared goal of effectively achieving the impact Blijdorp wanted to make with their new purpose.

‘The rebranding of Blijdorp is not a simple makeover, but a big milestone that signifies a giant leap forward in our ongoing relentless mission to protect and preserve wildlife. It serves as a symbol of our unwavering commitment and highlights our constant evolution and adaptability. With this exciting transformation, Blijdorp is ready to embark on a new chapter, united in its mission to save wildlife and create a better future for all.’

Carolien Ottjes
CMO at Blijdorp

A roaring rebrand

Blijdorp is more than a zoo; it's a cherished 166-year legacy. When Blijdorp approached DPDK, it marked a turning point that prompted our initiative to revitalize their identity, which had remained largely untouched for a decade. Our strategy was to bring the brand into today and create an updated brand identity that reflects Blijdorp’s new mission. 

Through comprehensive research, we gained a deep understanding of Blijdorp’s target audience’s preferences and behaviors. This valuable information allowed us to align our strategy with Blijdorp’s core mission and redefine Blijdorp’s identity, highlighting their strong commitment to preserving our planet and its species, setting them up for lasting success. 

As visitors experience the new Blijdorp, they not only immerse themselves in wild adventures, but also become part of a global movement, igniting a passion within them to become dedicated conservationists.

Getting creative

When designing Blijdorp’s visual elements, nature has become our big source of inspiration. We aimed to embody Blijdorp's visionary essence and purpose-driven approach across every facet of their brand. 

That’s why the design embraces organic shapes and natural colors, featuring three main colors: blue for the endless sky and ocean, green for lush forests, and earthy orange tones symbolizing the soil. Motion graphics on the website and all edges of Blijdorp’s new digital ecosystem prioritize the organic feel of nature. Using the creative power of Adobe Firefly, Adobe XD, and Photoshop’s AI, our team crafted captivating design elements that capture the essence of wildlife in its natural habitat. 

Ultimately, from refining brand strategy models and brand identity elements to shaping an entire design ecosystem that seamlessly connects design systems, we left no stone unturned. 

When it came to the tone of voice, we created purposeful communication and messaging that continuously urge visitors to join in on Blijdorp’s mission.

‘The contribution of Adobe Firefly to Blijdorp’s innovative design system exemplifies how powerful generative AI tools can both serve as a source of creative exploration and significantly ease the workload for designers.’

Jay Ganaden
Director, Strategic Development at Adobe

An exclusive look into Blijdorp’s transformative rebranding

Interested in the full success story? Put together by our CEO, Pim van Helten, and Blijdorp's CMO, Carolien Ottjes, this guide offers an exclusive look into Blijdorp’s transformation and rebranding strategies. Inside, you'll uncover the key lessons to successfully transform your brand. Get your hands on your digital copy now and dive into the pages right away.



Adobe's creative suite plays a pivotal role in our overall development process of the rebranded elements. Leveraging Adobe Creative Cloud, a renowned industry-standard creative suite, empowers our design team to infuse Blijdorp's digital presence with innovative features and a visually captivating design. 

These design elements are brought to life in Blijdorp’s revamped website and app. Explore the refresh of Blijdorp's digital ecosystem here.


System Integrations

Adobe XD, Firefly, Illustrator, Photoshop AI

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  • Our partnership demonstrates the power of collaboration, showcasing how joint efforts can drive positive change, promote sustainability, and fuel innovation.
  • Being part of a project that will contribute to a better future for our planet. 
  • Rebranding a legacy brand without losing the most important and loved parts of the brand.
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