Brand architecture

Help your audience to relate to your entire family of brands without the need to know them all. It is a guide for brand extensions, sub-brands, and new products and can serve as a roadmap for (future) brand development and design.

Three common brand architectures:

  • Branded House or Monolithic Brand Architecture
    Has an ever presence of the master brand
  • House of Brands or Endorsed Brand Architecture
    Separate identities from the master brand
  • Hybrid or Endorsing Brand or Pluralistic Brand Architecture
    Flexible and usually best of both worlds

Future proof and customer-centric

To give customers a consistent experience, a strategized brand architecture is a necessity

  • Target specific customer need
  • Message segmentation
  • Reduce cost
  • Clear positioning and messaging
  • Future-ready
  • Cross-sell and conversion made easy between brands
  • Protecting and build brand equity

Clarity across brands, products and services

We asses, define and help you decide on the association between products, divisions, the parent brand, and sub-brands. Research on customer behavior, needs, wants frustrations will play a big role here. Obviously, confusion or unclarity about a brand or the connection between brands is not going to help anyone. Then we pay close attention to every detail of your visual identity across brands, services and products and align it with the overall brand strategy.

Rob Nolten
Creative Director

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