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Live bingo at its best


Bring the immensely popular and classic bingo game from offline to online and make it work frictionless in any browser.


The world's first social bingo platform that offers a unique playing experience.


Today Bingocams makes 1.5 million euros profit per year with its hundreds of thousands of players every month.

million euros profit


Back in 2009, Bingocams was struggling with building solid game mechanics that could bring the classic bingo game from offline to online. They were exploring innovative opportunities to build a Flash application in the era of Flash, but didn’t have a digital team that could execute their idea.  

We jumped in to help and created a secure application with live webcam chat functionality which ramped up the social aspect of bingo. Now Bingocams offers a visual playing experience that captures the essence of social bingo, recreating the real bingo hall experience with its live chat hosts. 


We leaned on recreating a trusted and familiar environment with well-known and widely used bingo icons to captivate the interest of bingo fans.  
What makes Bingocams unique is that it offers players the opportunity to connect with the worldwide bingo community through webcam chats and record their winning moments. On top of that, Bingocams offers innovative and diverse bingo games for a rich and engaging experience.    


Built in 2009, the application functionalities have evolved with new features over time. As the security and live webcam streaming were vitally important, we kept them up-to-date with browser updates. The Flash application was connected to an externally built API to allow players to join the bingo rooms and integrated into Bingocams’ external back end. 

System Integrations

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Tech partners


  • DPDK has been involved since the launch of the platform in 2009 and we continued to improve the application for years.
  • Seeing the platform make a name for itself and turn into a huge international success. 
DPDK | 2009

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