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Help AkitaBox, an American facility management software company, translate their brand identity into a new website that boosts engagement, converts traffic into high-quality leads, and spotlights the people behind the brand.


A user-friendly WordPress website that enables visitors to find the information they’re looking for in a heartbeat. The website is designed to convert site visitors into customers and features two informative videos that showcase their products in a compelling way.


The new website offers an improved user experience (UX) and enables AkitaBox to generate high-quality leads.

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AkitaBox delivers data-driven software to assess and optimize the operation and condition of facilities. Their current HubSpot website wasn’t providing the flexibility Akitabox wanted. They asked us to build a new WordPress website that is easy to navigate, shows the friendly faces behind the brand, and generates high-quality leads.

We kicked off with a brand and website assessment to identify areas that needed improvement. Our research showed that AkitaBox had a strong brand identity. We used these insights to improve the site’s UX and make the most of their brand identity.

The goal was to build a website that offers clear, detailed, and easy-to-find product information. We mapped out user journeys to create a logical site structure and ultimately increase time spent on the site and conversions.


AkitaBox’s brand identity gave us a good base to be creative from and build a strong online presence. We created a visual pattern based on AkitaBox’s logo and used it throughout the website to create a recognizable and distinctive look.

We condensed drop-down menus, cleaned up content, and simplified navigation to increase time spent on the site and provide a better UX. Part of what makes AkitaBox so great is the people that work there, which is why they wanted to showcase the people behind the brand more. Next to that, Akitabox also needed to have strong online product representations.

We produced two videos that show how AkitaBox’s products are used. To make the videos more compelling, we had to go beyond explaining what the software offers. We combined in-person shoots of AkitaBox employees using the solution, animated illustrations, and screengrabs of the software.


The new AkitaBox website was built using WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JS5, with a low-cost, easy-to-use mindset. The website is integrated with HubSpot. We used Adobe After Effects and Premiere to produce the videos.

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