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A fresh digital face for a bold finance consultancy company


Help an innovative finance consultancy re-launch a platform that demonstrates the innovative and bold identity of the company and converts high-quality leads and job candidates.


An effortless and modern website that takes storytelling to the next level. The site not only conveys Trifinance's brand identity but also helps clients and job applicants quickly find what they are looking for.


The website recently launched and so far the responses have been positive.

brand identity


First and foremost, Trifinance's website was not capturing their innovative and bold character. The design wasn’t attractive enough for young professionals and fresh graduates. The overall performance and usability of the website needed to be improved and the content updated to accurately reflect all that they have to offer.

We started with a brand assessment, because you need a strong brand to build a strong website. After which a thorough website analysis followed. Using the insights collected from these assessments, we developed a sleek and effortless website that revolves around Trifinance’s values and story. The modern interface sets the company apart from other more classical consultancy firms.


The main creative challenge was determining how to express Trifinance's complex story with an effortless and simple design that expresses the right emotions and information to their target groups. In order to differentiate Trifinance from its competitors, a modern and light user interface (UI) was key. 

To convey the narrative of the company we focused on the concept of three, or “Tri”. Trifinance was founded by three brothers, so we focused on three primary colors, red, yellow and blue, and three basic shapes, circles, rectangles and squares, to tell that story through design. 

The three primary colors and three basic shapes allow the creation of any color and any shape. This supports Trifinance’s brand proposition: every person and every solution created is unique.


The biggest technology highlight of this project was the connection with two APIs for the markets that Trifinance targets.

Another technical challenge was the integration of the complex HR system needed for the career feature of the website. Apart from the HR system integration, SEO technology and data tracking were implemented through external parties.

System Integrations

Connexys and Careerix for API. Sendgrid for email.

Tech partners


  • Successfully developing a website that caters to two very different target audiences: clients and job applicants.
  • The first time that we developed such a complex custom integration with an HR system.
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