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Educating Dutch youth about sex, love and relationships


Redevelop the most visited platform for young people about sex, love and relationships: The site gives young people with different backgrounds access to reliable information and helps them make informed choices.


A leading information platform positioned as an important and valuable part of sexual education among Dutch youth.


The new website has over 1 million visitors a year and is rated an 8.5/10 through a user survey.



Through, young people are empowered to discover everything about intimacy and relationships in a safe environment.

Sense has a large target audience: young people from 12 to 25 years and different ethnic backgrounds. To address all these specific groups, information is not provided based on age but on sexual experience. Visitors can check-in at their own sexual experience level and discover an enormous amount of relevant, bite-sized content.

To captivate young people, you have to listen to their needs. With the help of pre-tests, usability tests and interviews all throughout the development of the platform we ensured that the final product met their wishes and expectations.


The tests among the target group before and during the development process led to a tailor-made platform addressing the insights, needs and wants of young people.

Every page not only has information but also relatable content, like videos, tutorials, personal stories from peers, discussions, tips and polls. Multiple ways to approach Sense for professional help are available throughout the website.

To keep visitors engaged with the large amount of information available, we created a design system based on handing small pieces of information at a time, in a modular grid and a colorful style. The most popular part of the platform is the 3D model of a boy and girl, with which visitors can explore their bodies.

‘"Ontdek je lichaam"-section has been the most visited and the longest visited page of the site since its launch in 2009. With over 4 million visitors, we wanted to make this voyage of discovery even more interesting and DPDK was appointed to develop new 3D sex dummies’

Filippo Zimbile
Program leader Youth SOA Aids Netherlands


With help of WebGL 3D, a web API for 3D graphics, visitors could explore their bodies through the 3D body models using a smartphone. To maintain performance, quality and reliability, a custom workflow was created to effectively bring the 3D software to the website.

Yet, this wasn't the only thing making the website special. As the site holds a lot of information and is continuously updated, the site's dynamic structure allows for the creation of new landing and detail pages while maintaining a consistent design and structure.

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  • The website has gained a lot of national and international recognition, including awards like the Dutch Interactive Award and Lovie Awards.
  • In a year, over 1 million teens visit That is one of the reasons why we are proud the site has been rated 8.5/10 after a satisfaction survey.
Lovie Awards Silver Winner, Website/Single Youth
People's Lovie Awards, Website/Single Youth
Dutch Interactive Award Silver winner, Content
Fonk - SoaAidsNL is Brand to Watch van de maand maart
Emerce eGuide - Sense info
Emerce - wint Europese Online Award
Nederlands Media Nieuws - Lancering voor vragen over seks
Fonk - DPDK ontwikkelt 3D-seksdummies
DPDK | 2017

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