A virtual test drive with metal touch

Peugeot challenged us to come up with a captivating experience for the AutoRAI car fair. We created a unique, interactive test drive combining VR technology and Leap motion sensors.

The idea.

The best way to experience a Peugeot is through ‘metal touch’. So we wanted people to get into a new Peugeot 208 at the fair's stand and be able to take the car for a spin. Right then and there. And oh yes: the location needed to be amazing.

The shoot.

We wanted users not just to be able to look around, but also to choose their perspective. So we shot films from inside the car, on top of the roof and underneath a drone.
The shots were taken with a special rig with 7 HD GoPro cameras, creating a stream of 360 degrees footage in 4K. In two days, over 750 GB of footage was shot.


We wanted to create a richer experience than just a VR film. To make it interactive, the first challenge was to create 3 parallel video streams that users can switch between. The second and most advanced challenge was to add Leap motion infrared sensors to the Oculus headset, enabling you to see a virtual version of your own hand inside the video. You can use your hand to navigate and discover by clicking virtual buttons.
The third challenge was to play the experience simultaneously on 4 different Oculus headsets. A custom app was built to remotely control all devices.


During the prototyping process, all version were tested extensively on UX & performance. Building up from a single person test behind a desktop to a full, four person test inside a car.

Going live.

We designed the experience so that four people could take place in the 208 on display. This meant we had to fit a massive amount of technology in a small car. Four mac mini’s were fitted in the boot, connected with a server mounted underneath the car. More than 60 meters of wiring for video, audio and connectivity was routed through the car’s upholstery, without having it in sight.


The 208 virtual test drive proved to be a huge success: 1,000’s of visitors experienced ‘metal touch’ through the test drive, generating attention, a lot of smiles and many valuable leads for live test drives.