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Create a website that offers patients diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) an effortless and discreet way to warn their sex partners.


A safe and trustworthy platform that prevents STDs from spreading and helps healthcare organizations deliver better patient care. 


78% of people who receive an alert through take preventive action to eliminate the potential spread of STDs.

of people more precautious


The Dutch Public Health Service (GGD) was missing a digital product that could improve their efforts to reduce STDs from spreading.
The platform we created offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to generate unique login codes for STD patients. Healthcare professionals can also use the platform to find advice on how to cautiously address a patient's situation and create an action plan during their consultation. 
Patients enter the code at and can warn their current and former sex partners about the possibility of having an STD. The platform offers the option to send out alerts anonymously, which breaks down the embarrassing barrier for patients to reveal that they have an STD. Patients visit the platform in their own environment and on their own time, and are provided with different options to send out alerts.


The platform had to be recognizable, safe and trustworthy to live up to the expectations of healthcare professionals and their patients. The brand “Partnerwaarschuwing” was crafted from scratch, and a content and product design system was developed. The branding process was complex since Partnerwaarschuwing was the result of a collaboration between multiple health organizations.  
The goal was to create a smooth mobile first design that improves patient engagement. An immersive full screen experience was developed that works seamlessly and consistent across all devices. 
With guided instructions, STD patients can enter the unique code and add email addresses or phone numbers of their sexual partners. Along with the warning message, a unique code is generated and sent along to the partners, with which they can login on any device and discover their steps to get tested and treated.
The platform also contains educational videos, explanations, testimonials and real stories to build trust, create a sense of urgency, and ultimately encourage the use of the platform.

‘More warnings lead to more detected STDs. And the more people who know about an infection, the more people get treated. That way we can break through distribution. Even HIV is no longer transferable if it is treated.’

Hannelore Götz
epidemiologist at GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond

Technology is built as a tailored web application and integrated with CM SMS Gateway. CM’s Messaging API enables the platform to deliver messages nationwide and across two channels, email and SMS. 

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  • The “Suggest a Test” pilot was so successful that it was rolled out nationwide by GGD Amsterdam & Rotterdam Rijnmond.
  • Working with multiple healthcare organizations to prevent STDs from spreading and help healthcare professionals deliver better patient care. 
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