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Pure and personal customer experience through an award-winning client portal


Create a relevant and immersing experience for customers and inform and educate them about the drinking water in their homes.


An award winning platform that interacts smartly and personally with its customers


Substantial improvement of customer satisfaction, a clearer and improved drinking water image and a reduced number of calls to customer service center.

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The new Oasen site needed to have a supereasy UX to make sure you're immediately able to find what they are looking for. An advanced and simplified structure, combined with a clear mental map, full screen menu and seamless transition animations.

Also, we wanted to integrate the particular Oasen area of waterstoring.nl to the website. This extra service zooms in on your environment which enables you to check out 24/7 whether there is any maintenance.


Since water is key, we wanted to translate this into the design as well. Subtle micro animations and water effects make sure you directly focus on the right places.


The platform is built on top of the Phalcon framework in PHP. The frontend is written in ReactJS and extensive CSS & Javascript animations. In the backend, multiple integrations are active including the intern Microsoft Biztalk platform and iDEAL payments.

System Integrations

Integrated with Microsft Biztalk SOAP API, iDEAL & SSO SAML.

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  • Substantial improvement of customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced number of calls to customer service center.
  • A user interface that has water-inspired behaviour.
DPDK | 2017
Paul Jitta
Business Developer

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