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Bringing the future into the present with an easy-to-use pension app


Develop an application that gives Nationale Nederlanden’s customers a clear overview of their financial situation and helps them successfully plan and save for their retirement.


An industry-leading application that allows customers to forecast their financial future and helps with their retirement planning.


The mobile app is used by 9 out of 10 Nationale Nederlanden customers. It has reached a top 10 position in the finance category of the Netherlands' Apple app store and received a 4+ star rating from users.

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Nationale Nederlanden Pension Coach was aiming to stay ahead of the game by setting a standard within the finance industry.
They wanted to develop an application that allows their customers to forecast their financial future and assist in their financial planning and spending. By providing options and control over their pensions in an easy and intuitive way, Nationale Nederlanden Pension was able to meet their customers' needs and change the way financial planning is done.
We used focus groups to assess customer expectations. During the development of the app, we conducted multiple usability tests during which we researched behavior and collected feedback. Pre-testing was done on early prototypes among target audiences.



The application provides a personalized saving experience for its users. The design had to be easy to use, customizable, and informative. The final design includes visualizations, animations, and a digital design style, consistent with the existing Nationale Nederlanden brand design system.
Useful features include an introduction video, explainer graphics, onboarding animations, as well as educational information about retirement. Users can add their partner's financial information and receive custom suggestions if they’re projected to be short upon retirement. In one glance, Nationale Nederlanden customers will have an overview of all their assets and funds and can make the most out of their retirement planning.


The Pension Coach app was built for iOS and Android to reach as many users as possible. We closely collaborated with the Nationale Nederlanden DevOps & BizOps teams on the security architecture, algorithms, and API connections to produce a functional web application. The app met the requirements of The Dutch Authority for Financial Markets.

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  • An extensive and productive collaboration with the Nationale Nederlanden DevOps & BizOps teams.
  • Building an easy-to-use interface on top of complex mathematical calculations and financial algorithms.


Emerce - Nationale-Nederlanden en DPDK werken samen met Mijn Pensioencoach
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Nederlands MediaNieuws - DPDK en Nationale-Nederlanden introduceren vernieuwde app Mijn Pensioencoach
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