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A portfolio website that marches to the beat of its own drum


Bring the five worldwide branches of music agency MassiveMusic together in one global portfolio where their work and sound can be optimally used for its target groups.



A global video portfolio website that behaves like a crossover between MTV and Spotify.


Since the website went live it has received 161% more page views, the average session duration went up 46% and the bounce rate decreased by 25%. 

more page views


After a rebranding process, MassiveMusic's next step was to renew its corporate website. The goals of the new site are to offer the visitor a personalized experience, to increase search engine rankings and to align the website with the brand identity.
Based on a User Experience (UX) strategy, we started working on a concept and technology roadmap. It was concluded that a flexible and scalable content management infrastructure (Drupal) was needed, in combination with a high performance front end technology (Phalcon). 
Emphasis was put on including smart nurturing flows in the UX design to increase the number of leads that come from the website. The sales team was actively involved in the development of the website and content management system (CMS), to make sure that the new site effectively supported them in their sales processes.


The website’s design is based on adaptability and an exceptional UX. Using IP recognition, the visitor will automatically see work from the office closest to their location. The platform works with adaptable video playlists, with which MassiveMusic can showcase their work worldwide. Through the playlists, visitors can choose to view videos from any location and any service. 
The video playlists are flexible to manage and compile. Offices can compile their own playlist to show their best work. Private playlists can also be created in the CMS and shared with prospects or specific customers. 
To maximize the viewing experience, the music video player includes a full-screen function along with a pop-up showing what’s up next. The layered design creates a beautiful flow between the different elements. From playlist to service to case study, the beat of the website remains undisturbed.


The corporate CMS website is fully responsive and the grids and video player are always in fullscreen. The site is completely built in HTML and works with a Drupal CMS. 
By integrating an HTML5 video player with the video hosting platform Longtail, videos can be loaded faster, while data traffic is minimized. As an added benefit, the company’s content is secured, because videos can never be embedded elsewhere.

System Integrations

CRM integration, IP localization software.

Tech partners


  • We had the great opportunity to collaborate with The Stone Twins for the design of the website.
  • Using IP recognition software to localize the website and deliver a better UX. 
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