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Redesigning the number one platform about sexuality for gay & bisexual men


Develop a national information platform that helps visitors answer questions related to their sexual health.



A responsive website that offers sexual health advice, information on testing and vaccination and empowers visitors to learn more about a healthy sex life.

Impact has become the number one information site for gay and bisexual men, attracting over 1.2 million visitors every year. The website is given an 8.8/10 rating by users.

million visitors


In 2014, Soa Aids Nederland chose to renew the website. Customer expectations changed over the years and there had been a shift in the use of technology. The new site had to meet the requirements of the target group.

We’ve developed a renewed platform that represents the user base and its needs, including information on the testing and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The product strategy is designed in a way that makes it easy for visitors to read articles that are related to one another, moving them closer to finding advice on their specific situation. Different advice modules were also made available like a sex guide and a recent risk tool.  
The usability and design were tested in several phases among the target group to arrive at an optimal product that felt trustworthy and transparent. There have also been sessions with the web editor to create a well-functioning content management system (CMS) to allow information to be easily updated by the editorial team.




We created a new brand design system and brought it to life with a responsive interface. The design principles aim to reflect independent and trustworthy information.  
The main website flows are designed around the most important customer journeys. The platform provides personalized journeys with content that lifts taboos and builds trust while being easy to navigate. The design nudges visitors from informational content, written by editors and peers, to action-oriented features such as online testing modules.


‘By providing accessible public information on and, we ensure that people are informed and advised on a tailor-made basis and are directed to good care and services.’

Mark Vermeulen
CEO of Soa Aids Nederland


By combining Phalcon as a front end and Drupal as a back end, the loading time of the site has been reduced to the absolute minimum in order to offer the end user the best experience in terms of performance. The content was optimized for search engines through the use of Google Lighthouse and SOLR search engine, to make the platform easy to find.

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  • The platform is rated highly by users with an 8.8/10.
  • The website has the authority position as an information platform for the specific target group and plays an important role within the policy of the Dutch government to minimize the spread of STDs.
DPDK | 2013

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