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Accelerating innovation with Keysight University


Help Keysight, a global leader in electronic test and measurement science, design an e-learning platform that enables engineers from all walks of life to learn, grow, and innovate. 


A modern e-learning platform that is full of engaging and educational content, is easy to navigate, and reflects the Keysight brand. 


The new platform offers visitors an enhanced learning experience and positions Keysight as an industry leader. A win-win!



Keysight Technologies is committed to connecting and securing the world through continuous education and innovation. They wanted to build a new digital home for Keysight University, an e-learning platform where engineers can advance their knowledge and expertise. The existing platform had minimal design possibilities and didn’t offer a rich customer experience (CX). We teamed up with Keysight to help design the new Keysight University platform. 

We began by sketching out what the platform should look like. Then, we revamped Keysight’s target personas and mapped out various customer journeys. Wireframes were created to ensure all content, webpages, and navigational features could be organized in a logical structure. This also helped us identify which design possibilities we had. The goal was to design a unique and engaging platform while making sure it still reflects the Keysight brand.


A new learning management system (LMS) called Uberflip was chosen to host Keysight University, so all content needed to be migrated from the previous LMS to the new one.   

The switch was challenging, mainly because it was an as is migration. This means there were no changes to the site’s architecture, content, or features. It also means we had to follow strict guidelines and templates for the platform design. Despite the limitations, we designed a platform that is visually appealing, reflects the Keysight brand, and offers a seamless experience to all site visitors.


Keysight University is hosted on Uberflip, a LMS that serves as a content hub and learning platform. Features like experience management, journey acceleration, and audience intelligence enable Keysight to offer a seamless and enjoyable learning experience. 

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  • Creating a platform that is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and expertise of engineers. 
  • Designing a visually appealing website despite having limited design options. 
  • The project’s success led to some exciting new projects with Keysight, like Live from the Lab. Stay tuned! 
DPDK | 2022

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Chief Growth Officer

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