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Reshaping the digital experience of a world-class interior brand


Build an inspiring, customer-centric website that reflects HKliving’s renewed brand identity and improves their digital customer experience.


A stylish, future-proof website with integrated e-commerce store. The website is easy to use, serves as a source of inspiration, and offers a seamless shopping experience for HKliving’s different target groups.


The website has just been launched. Initial reactions have been great and we can’t wait to see how it’s received by HKliving’s customers!

initial reactions


HKliving is eagerly preparing for a digital future and is committed  to taking their online experience to the next level. The Dutch brand has a single global digital entry point: their website. The website needed an upgrade to offer a superior shopping experience, speed up the buying process, and reflect HKliving’s renewed brand identity.

HKliving’s target audience is diverse: it includes retail buyers, supply chain planners, shopkeepers, interior designers, and more. The website needed to cater to each of these target groups and offer a smooth and inspiring experience to all. To do this effectively, we created customer personas. This enabled us to build a site structure for HKliving’s different buyers.


The challenge was to build a site that is visually appealing, inspiring, and reflects HKliving’s design philosophy while being easy to navigate. Striking the right balance between usability and aesthetics was key. We opted for horizontal scrolling so that visitors can browse through the content or go straight to what they’re looking for. The content can be expanded or condensed, so visitors can deep dive into different collections or skim through to a specific product. 

Organizing HKliving’s products and collections in a logical structure wasn’t easy. We created different categories and built a site structure off them. As a result, the website acts as a space where HKliving’s products can shine and be easily searched for.

Since catalogs are a key business tool in the interior design industry, we translated HKliving’s catalogs to an inspiring digital experience. The site acts as a digital gallery of masterpieces where visitors can dive into a magazine-like catalog, product by product, or collection by collection.


The HKliving website was built with a focus on functionality and design. The front-end is entirely coded using a modern JavaScript framework.

System Integrations

We didn’t integrate any systems for HKliving, but data like client, payment, and product information, pricing, categories, and warehouse stock is extracted from multiple sources and integrated with the e-commerce store.

Tech partners


  • Building an innovative website that combines form and function to provide a superior customer experience
  • Creating customer personas for HKliving’s diverse target audience was a very fun challenge 
  • Creating an online catalog that offers the same experience as flipping through a magazine
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