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A B2B platform redesign for a world famous beer brand


Help Heineken refresh their B2B platform and open the door to new international markets.


A contemporary and user-friendly platform that reflects Heineken’s brand identity while incorporating unique aspects of local cultures.


A rejuvenated B2B platform that showcases Heineken’s brand identity while expanding its user base. 

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Heineken needed an overhaul of their B2B platform. The platform’s main function is for users to order Heineken products. It also acts as a database of users’ previous orders, preferences, reward points, and current promotions.  

The platform was originally designed by a programmer, not a designer. This led to a design that was outdated, not user-friendly, and full of inconsistencies. 

We began by assessing the existing platform and identifying customer pain points. The target audience is between 40-50 years old, and has already used the platform for many years. We looked for a design solution that struck the perfect balance between improving the platform’s aesthetics and making the user journey more straightforward, while keeping the core structure of the platform the same. 

Heineken houses a variety of regional and local brands under its umbrella from countries all over the world. We iterated our design into a series of custom interfaces that embodies each country’s unique attributes and specific offering.


The main creative challenge was creating a platform that represents one holistic brand. We needed to redesign the platform for a variety of countries including Mozambique, Egypt, Indonesia, and Russia - all of whom have very different cultures, needs, and wants.

To accomplish this successfully, we tried to find a way to design a common solution that fits each countries' requirements.

Each page design provides a simple user journey while showcasing the colors and customs of the country and honoring their specific needs. 

We implemented consistent design and user standards across the entire platform. The color palette was updated to ensure all Heineken’s brand colors are consistent in shade, and all icons are uniform in shape and spacing. We also reworked colors that did not provide users with the correct feedback. For example, on the old platform, red was used to indicate positive actions and green indicated warnings or error messages. 

The platform as a whole now tells a consistent brand story, is easy to use, and shows local content based on a user’s location. 


The biggest technology highlight of this project was that the desktop application was adapted into a mobile app. The app was then integrated into IOS and Android.

System Integrations



  • Successfully designing a user-friendly platform that caters to users all over the world. 
  • Creating a user journey that fulfills the needs of an older target audience while retaining a modern edge.  
  • Partnering with the global teams at Heineken to successfully capture the brand’s immutable spirit. 
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