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An award-winning go-to-market strategy for a state of the art product


Craft a go-to-market strategy and step-by-step plan to launch Rosco Vision’s new product, DV6.


An award-winning digital marketing campaign that builds awareness about the DV6, increases traffic to Rosco Vision’s website, and generates high-quality leads.


In just five months, the campaign generated a 377% increase in marketing and sales qualified leads and an ad conversion rate of 14.5% - which is well above the industry benchmark of 2% to 3%.

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Rosco Vision is one of North America’s leading suppliers of automotive visual safety solutions. They were preparing to launch their new product, DV6: an innovative, artificial intelligence-powered dashboard camera that combines driver and road tracking to prevent road collisions and ensure safe driving. We teamed up to develop a go-to-market strategy and digital marketing campaign for the product launch.

The goal was to create a multi-channel campaign that targets customers at different stages of the buyer’s journey. We used a funnel approach to map out the full journey foreach channel and determine which content to create for each buyer’s stage.

All content was produced using the value proposition canvas. This is a framework that focuses on highlighting the value of a product. Instead of merely showcasing the DV6’s features and functionality, we illustrated how the DV6 caters to customers’ needs and wants. The content is tailored to different audience segments, from potential and existing customers to look-alike audiences and retargeting. 


A range of content was created for multiple channels: digital brochures, search ads, display banners, social media posts, newsletters, and even a launch video. The channels of choice were Google, YouTube, and social media’s big four: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The content varies in customer intent: some are designed to evoke a sense of curiosity that prompts customers to learn more about DV6, while others are centered on building stronger connections with the target audience. 

All ads direct viewers to a custom-built microsite that we created to promote DV6.  The site offers clear, detailed information about the product and its unique benefits, from increased driver safety to cost-efficiency. The microsite also enables Rosco Vision to target and nurture site visitors and ultimately increase sales of DV6.


The microsite is built on WordPress. The campaign is integrated with HubSpot, which gives Rosco Vision a 360° view of the buyer journey. This enables us to continuously optimize the campaign and helps Rosco Vision’s sales team follow up with leads in a more effective way.

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  • Being able to apply Rosco Vision’s refreshed brand identity to the campaign. We love seeing our work come to life. 
  • Great collaboration across teams. Working with Rosco Vision is always a blast. 
  • And of course, winning multiple awards is definitely a highlight. It’s great to reap the benefits of our hard work!
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