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Celebrating 400 years of craftsmanship and character


Showcase Grolsch’s 400 years of rich history in one compelling and appealing website.


An engaging website that presented Grolsch’s epic history with a visually stimulating interface. 


The improved customer journey led to increase in conversion.

in conversion


Grolsch was exploring ways to celebrate their 400th anniversary and at the same time update their outdated website. The website didn’t reflect their brand identity and wasn’t appealing to their target audience anymore. 

Showcasing Grolsch’s rich heritage as a beer brand and positioning the brand as a master in the craft of brewery was at the heart of the strategy. We focused on telling the brewery’s past, present and future through an engaging customer experience approach.


An animated timeline was created that signifies the highlights of Grolsch’s illustrious history. As we wanted to position Grolsch as the master craft brewer, the product page emphasized how their beers were characterized by quality, flavor, and brewing technique that Grolsch mastered over four centuries.

To pull customers into Grolsch’s world, the interface was enriched with animated ingredients and buttons. We designed dozens of buttons to come up with one perfect button that would respond smoothly to clicks. All in all the new interface made the content snackable, shareable and easily accessible on any device. 


The animated timeline was custom built while taking the performance of web browsers into account. In addition, we embedded forms from Grolsch’s internal customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

System Integrations

Age gate (verification system)

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  • A highly visual and interactive project with loads of animations.  
  • Working for a long-standing brand that has such a rich heritage.
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