Grolsch Radler Race

Brand Experience

An extraordinary homage to a beer legend


Develop a campaign in collaboration with Wavemaker, promoting the Grolsch Radler beer as well as the story behind Franz Kugler and the Kugler Alm.


A trivia web game that takes players from the Grolsch brewery in Enschede all the way to the Kugler Alm. This battle of the brains was based on the history of the Radler beer.


A web experience that was part of a bigger campaign for Grolsch’s Radler beer that deserved its Awwwards Honorable Mention.

Honorable Mention


The game celebrated the origins of the Radler beer and turned its story into an engaging historical experience. The route from Enschede up to the Kugler Alm, the pub that started it all, was recreated as a game. 

Along the way, “cyclists” answered questions about the Radler beer and its history. Players must answer correctly to reach the final destination. Each stop offered the chance to win exclusive bicycle prizes. The last player standing wins the grand prize: a special edition Veloretti Grolsch Radler bicycle!

Cyclists could enter the competition in two ways: by going straight to the game or by entering a unique code on the campaign site, which they received with each Grolsch Radler beer bought in supermarkets or bars and restaurants.


As a commemoration of the Radler origin story, the game was designed as a homage to nostalgic board games. The 3D miniature model style gives the game a diorama look and feel. The color palette combines Grolsch’s bright brand with the vintage feel of the campaign.


This brand experience was built as a web game in HTML5/CSS3 and connected with the rest of the Grolsch campaign. The animations for the different stops in the game were coded using GSAP, allowing them to look their best regardless of browser or device. Also, the Facebook game included the age confirmation banner used on Grolsch’s own website.

System Integrations

No systems were integrated.

Tech partners


  • An awesome opportunity to collaborate with Wavemaker media agency for the development of the campaign.
  • Our second project for the legendary beer brand Grolsch.
DPDK | 2013

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