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A brand new service experience for a leading fintech company


FWU needed a portal that gave customers up-to-date information and the option to manage their accounts online. It was crucial to design a user-friendly and seamless experience that simplified administrative and maintenance processes.


A new customer portal that offers customers control and a complete overview of their finances through an intuitive and innovative experience.


The new portal increased customer retention and loyalty and led to fewer calls being made to the FWU support desk. Giving control to the customer and enabling them to manage their own financial products improved FWU’s customer satisfaction.

customer satisfaction


Improving the customer experience was critical. On the surface, it appeared that customers had a bad experience because of inadequate customer service. In reality, most of their frustration was caused by a lack of transparency on the status of their accounts, no clarity on what kind of information they received, and the inability to control their settings and investments.

The identified frustrations were turned into objectives following our Design Thinking process. We worked alongside creative agency Jung von Matt to create a concept that incorporated FWUs internal and customer data in a needs and wants analysis.



The portal is designed to be clear, intuitive, and only display necessary information to the user. This was achieved by using powerful behavioral patterns and defined motion guidelines.

We developed a layered concept that uses digital cards that behave like physical ones. On top, cards can be swiped to show the live performance of their investment, separated by colors and years. The bottom layer gives more details about their investments. These features ensure the user is intuitively guided through the branded experience of the portal.


‘DPDK is a team of bold thinkers, tech specialists and creative fighters. The team at DPDK is able to match our high ambitions with big ideas and daring work that feels very comfortable, looks beautiful and is delivered on time. Working with DPDK means partnering with an agency that strives to move brands forward fast.’

Manfred Dirrheimer
Founder of FWU


The portal was built as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on top of FWU’s internal back-office architecture. A PWA optimizes accessibility and enables FWU to keep using their internal hosting, making sure that all information is tightly secured.

The portal prioritizes a mobile experience but is completely responsive across devices. The animations bring the dashboard to life and shift behavior to fit the device that’s being used. Additional layers of dummy data were integrated and all core functionalities were tested with unit tests. Unit testing ensures that no errors are left behind during the development phases for a flawless final product.

System Integrations

The portal is integrated with FWU’s internal back-office using an API. This allows the portal to have an innovative design and complies with FWUs strict security protocols at the same time.

Tech partners


  • We had the honor to work closely with FWU’s talented teams in Europe, Middle East and Asia and the creatives at Jung von Matt.
  • Developing a financial dashboard that offers a truly engaging and branded experience.



DPDK | 2019

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