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A digital makeover for a global food manufacturing giant


Help a global producer and supplier of quality vegetable oils and fats update their website after a rebranding, focusing on integrating their regional websites into one global site.


A user-friendly global website that displays Bunge Loders Croklaan’s history, products per region, and partnerships.


The renewed website resulted in improved traffic, increased customer satisfaction, and aided in the rebranding of Bunge Loders Croklaan.

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Bunge Loders Croklaan wanted to integrate their new brand identity into a new website. As the leading producer of vegetable and fats for the food manufacturing industry, they have an extensive range of products and applications that vary across regions. They needed a website that caters to visitors from different regions.

Using a customer-centric approach and design thinking methodology we focused on delivering a website that shows what Bunge Loders Croklaan is about, along with their products, and most importantly, the delicious food they help to make.

Bunge Loders Croklaan has different teams around the world, and they offer regional products in different locations. After interviews and workshop sessions with the marketing team, we focused on giving each local team the ability to showcase their own products within a global website.


The products of Bunge Loders Croklaan have many applications. They are used in culinary arts, bakeries, factories and even in infant nutrition. We displayed that wide range using imagery that portrays the vast amount of clients and uses of their vegetable oils and fats, from food manufacturers to restaurant chefs.

The main challenge of the website design was to gather an incredible amount of products, and provide a simple journey for customers. We prototyped the ways on how to best navigate the website, creating a mega menu that helps the customer find exactly what they are looking for. 

Using their updated color palette: blue, light blue and green, we designed a fun and sleek-looking website that is easy-to-use by site visitors and easy-to-update for the regional teams.


As different teams in all corners of the world have to work with the content management system (CMS) of the website, we created a solid structure that provides both flexibility and reliance. Each design block serves multiple regions and is combined with different languages. Besides, the CMS is connected to different subdomains to make sure every region can use the site as intended.

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  • Creating a website that is not only beautiful and easy to navigate, but also flexible for CMS users.
  • Working with a thought leader in the global food manufacturing industry.
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