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Help Teeez cosmetics stand out in an innovative and inspiring way during its in-store launch in the United States (US) and Canada. 


An in-store and standalone Augmented Reality (AR) app that enables users to try on make-up virtually and share their looks through social media.


The app and campaign were well-received by customers, increasing brand awareness. Face-tracking technology is a standard in apps for the beauty industry now, but was very innovative and edgy in 2016. 

brand awareness


Teeez Cosmetics was expanding to the US and Canadian markets and needed an innovative way to help the brand stand out during its in-store launch. 
We developed a standalone and in-store AR application to engage with the North-American customers of the brand. The AR app enabled users to try on make-up and new looks. The app was available on mobile and in-store so customers could explore the variety of products Teeez had to offer at any given location. 


The app gave customers the option to try out different products using looks created by professional make-up artists. In addition, they could create their own custom looks. After choosing the perfect combination, customers could share their beauty creations via social media, save the look within the app, and have the products sent directly to their homes. 


The Teeez in-store AR app was equipped with a configurable Unity3D face tracking engine which connected to the Teeez Magento webshop. The app was published both in-store and as an app. 

System Integrations

Magento API, Face tracking SDK

Tech partners


  • Implementing face-tracking technology in a never-before-seen way for a cosmetics company. 
  • Taking customizability to the next level by letting customers try on make-up looks from their phone.
DPDK | 2016

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