Surprise and seduce women with a new kind of beauty

Teeez Cosmetics planned to open store in-stores in Canada and the United States. DPDK was asked to help the brand stand out in an innovative, engaging and inspiring way.

The brief

Teeez Cosmetics asked us to create a standalone and in-store app which enables users to try on make-up, engage with the brand and share their looks through social media. The app is available in-store to enable customers to go through all Teeez products and play with it. So when Teeez Cosmetics planned to open store-in-stores in the United States and Canada we were thrilled to work with them and help the brand stand out in an innovative, engaging and inspiring way.

Technical Structure

Teeez Cosmetics believes in the power of digital engagement and therefore Teeez in-store AR app is packed with an extremely powerful, accurate and configurable Unity3D and face tracking engine. It automatically finds and tracks the face. The engine is essential in order to apply Teeez Cosmetics onto customers faces through an interactive in-store touchscreen.

Webshop integration

To get all the product data, we've worked together with RedKiwi. They built the webshop. Through a smart API connection, we're able to use the data that's available within the webshop and show it within the app.

Custom made looks

Next to the looks that are created by a professional make-up artist, the app gives the customer the option to create a custom look themselves. After choosing your perfect lipstick, eyeliner and blush, you can save this look within the app and even send the look with the corresponding products to your own mailbox.

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