Get the ultimate spa and wellness experience

How do you give people the feeling of being at the spa resort before they’ve even been there? The Elysium website gives you the experience with a 360º shot of the facilities.

Expressing tranquility and luxury.
The Elysium resort gives people the ultimate luxury experience and of course the website should reflect that calm luxury feel. So we focused on subtle design with soft gradients to let the images and 360º shot from the resort speak for itself.
The elysium experience.
Booking a stay at Elysium is not like anything else, it’s an experience. We take you on a journey through the resort as you choose what you want included in your stay. Have a look around the place before you go. Elysium has nothing to hide.
Full screen photography.
This is the reason to go with simple subtle design. Great photography from the resort itself covers the website, showing that Elysium has nothing to hide, but everything to show. It’s ok to be loud and proud of your work if it looks this good. Back in 2011, this was a technical feat to pull off. But our talented development team made a home run.
Online reservations.
To book your stay at the resort was quite the teknical feat. What happens when someone at the resort want’s a manicure at the same time as you do when you’re booking from the website and the other person books directly at the location. That was one of the most dificult obstacles to overcome with this project including the fullscreen experience.