Corporate CMS-website

A mathematical challenge for a corporate website turned into a big plus


Help the Ortec brand stand out in a complex and competitive industry, using brand insights and enlarging USP’s.


A compelling customer-centric website, showcasing ORTEC’s proposition and promise through all touchpoints.


A global corporate website that looks and feels cutting edge and compact, and compels to customers.


For the Ortec website, we used the customer-centric DPDK approach to define what needs and expectations form both business and customers are for the Ortec global home. We used our iterative, insights based approach to develop early design prototypes which were pre-tested and iterated on early in the process. After this, we worked in all test outcomes to develop a final concept and design vision.

The final concept was to position ORTEC as the proven partner for any data challenge in any industry.

Secondarily, they inspire visitors with vibrant, relevant case studies that give foundation to their solutions.


Before redesigning the website, we first rebuilt the brand. We took Ortec’s (+) and brought it to life in animations and code. Other brand work went into redefining photography styles, fine-tuning color palette, typography, motion design, and icon styles.

Product design system

To create the best looking and performing Ortec website we could, we developed a product design system. It holds all digital elements and components specifically designed and engineered for Ortec digital products.

The design system is based on the idea of layers and suggesting that the site has a 3rd dimension instead of being flat. Micro animations guide you along your journey as well as enrich your 'Ortec experience'. It is designed around a modular grid that can endlessly vary in combinations of elements containing dynamic content.


The platform is unique due to its WebGL driven element guiding users through the website. Within Drupal, we've integrated an SSO option to there internal network.

System Integrations

Integrated with SSO SAML and Sendgrid.

Tech partners

Animated logo prototypes and final version.
Intro and outro animations for video content.


Breaking 'global corporate' rules, and features an organic' (+) in the background, shapeshifting throughout your journey on the website.

DPDK | 2019
Paul Jitta
Business Developer

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