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A brand challenge for a corporate website turned into a big plus


Help the ORTEC brand stand out in a complex and competitive industry, using brand insights and its unique selling points.


A compelling customer-centric website, showcasing ORTEC’s proposition and promise through all touchpoints.


The new website not only looks and feels cutting-edge, but is successful at engaging visitors as well. The fresh design reduced the site’s bounce rate by 20% and increased the average session duration by over 15%. 

Drop in bounce rate


A customer-centric approach was used to define the needs and expectations of both the business and customers for the ORTEC global home.

We developed early design prototypes using an iterative approach. Prototypes were pretested early on in the project. All insights from the tests were incorporated into the final concept and design.

The finalized website positions ORTEC as the proven partner for any data challenge. ORTEC inspires visitors with engaging and relevant case studies that outline their solutions.



Before redesigning the website, we rebuilt the brand. We brought ORTEC's logo to life with animations and code. Other brand work went into redefining photography styles, fine-tuning the color palette, typography, motion design, and icon styles.

Product design system

To create the best looking and performing ORTEC website, we developed a product design system. It holds all digital elements and components specifically designed and engineered for ORTEC.

The design system is based on layers and gives the impression that the site has a 3rd dimension instead of being flat. Micro-animations guide customers along their journey and enrich their ‘ORTEC experience’. The system is designed around a modular grid that can endlessly vary in combinations of elements containing dynamic content.



The developed platform is unique due to its WebGL driven component and the carefully crafted plus (+) that guides customers through the website. Using technology to reinforce ORTEC’s brand identity, the plus is incorporated into all pages creating a cohesive experience.

Drupal was used to tackle ORTEC’s employee needs. A single sign-on (SSO) option is integrated into the site and enables employees to easily add content for their regions.


System Integrations

SSO SAML, Sendgrid

Tech partners

Animated logo prototypes and final version.


  • ORTEC’s plus (+) is a unique design element that shape shifts throughout the customer journey
  • State of the art product design system that holds all digital elements and components
  • Single sign-on (SSO) option eases new content creation


DPDK | 2019

Pim van Helten


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