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The successful rebranding of one of the world’s top natural history museums


While Naturalis’ building gets a facelift, the brand and website needed to be refreshed too. Key was creating a well-designed, engaging and informative website that clearly differentiates Naturalis, promotes their educational mission and encourages consumers to visit. DPDK developed the corporate brand identity and fresh web design.


A complete redesign of the website in line with Naturalis’ newly developed brand identity. The award-winning site appeals to a diverse target audience and educates visitors on biodiversity. 


More than just a website, the project encompassed a complete brand overhaul that supported the successful reopening of Naturalis and continues to increase visits to the museum. The opening weekend alone attracted nearly 6,000 people.

increase in visits


Naturalis has a diverse target audience, from families to schools, researchers and even B2B relations. We made a target group mapping to capture all their needs and wants. Outcomes were combined with Naturalis’ business objectives and plotted into a customer experience map.

These insights were used to create relevant content and a smooth web experience, that bring value for website visitors at every step in their journey.



The design had to engage website visitors throughout their journey while also incorporating Naturalis’ new brand identity. Nature was, of course, the main recurring theme, from stunning photos and colours to animated flora and fauna blooming on screen.

Motion design played a substantial role in keeping visitors engaged and scrolling as well as showing that Naturalis has adapted to the digital age. The website menu is divided into multiple sections that display suitable content for each target group. Customizable sections using templated components enable Naturalis to keep their website up-to-date and visitors satisfied.



The website is designed according to UX/UI best practices. All designs and motion graphics were meticulously created in Adobe Suite.  



  • Working with one of the world’s top natural history museums.  
  • Developing the UX/UI for such a diverse target group.


DPDK | 2018

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