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Swipe jewels and taunt friends in this addictively fun mobile game


Turning an innovation opportunity into a fun and addictive mobile game.


A lightning-fast arcade game that challenges existing games like Candy Crush.


The game completed the BiggBird social game ecosystem. At its peak, it attracted more than 100,000 active players.

active players


The concept was simple yet effective: swipe to connect diamonds of the same kind. The longer the chain, the more points players gain. 

But this couldn’t be yet another mobile game lost in the crowd. By doing research and reading up on current gaming trends, a full-fledged narrative, design, game mechanics and user experience were developed.

To produce a successful game that would keep players coming back for more, social gaming elements played a key role. Players could invite friends on Facebook to play along, challenge friends and show off their latest high scores with video brags, pokes and more. Social actions would be rewarded in the game with more diamonds.


The main character, Jackie, loves jewels. She is an inviting and friendly little spitfire who guides and challenges the player throughout the game. The more players collect for her, the more rewards they will receive. 

The game design started with translating Jackie’s design and her world into 3D. Followed by the design of a logo that compliments the game’s “sparkly” nature. Finally, the playing field and jewels were designed with a skeuomorphic style that matched the design trends of that time. 

The game worked with a combination of bonuses and power-ups. The custom sound design built-up the experience and brought the narrative and the game elements to life.


To get the optimal game experience, the mobile game was built as a native app for iOS and Android. Because the game required extensive gameplay features, a custom back end was developed to allow for the flexibility necessary to deliver the desired game performance.

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