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An experience platform for fans of the Dutch Olympic team


Help Heineken, the biggest brewing company in the Netherlands, launch a platform to engage with Olympics sports enthusiasts before and during the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea.


An experience platform that hands fans relevant content related to the 2018 Winter Olympics. An informative and engaging site that captivates visitors with the famous “orange fever” and allows them to enjoy the excitement and fun of all events.


An engaging platform that promotes the Heineken brand and creates a fresh and memorable event experience around the Olympics.

that last a lifetime


Heineken has organized its Holland Heineken House since the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. It’s a venue in the Olympic Village that serves as a meeting place for supporters, athletes and other followers. This makes the Holland Heineken House the best place to be for Dutch people during the Olympics.

Heineken wanted to build a website that allowed them to not only sell entry tickets, but also update visitors on the venue’s events and create an atmosphere of festivity for guests and the people at home. 

While Heineken already had a team working on the back end of this project, we designed the complete front end which includes all content and animations. The dashing design consists of a custom developed user experience that brings the “orange fever”  to the digital world.


The project centered around the front end design. We researched festival websites and the ways they promoted their content and call to actions. We created triggers that engaged the public, even if they were unable to attend the events.

The main challenge of the creatives was to showcase what would happen at the Olympics with little content available. We created an atmosphere of happiness and pride without relying on visuals from past Olympics. We created a playful and engaging website that includes full screen videos, motion design and carefully crafted content.


The front end of the website is built in collaboration with Triple and based on static HTML/CSS/JS, which is connected to a Sitefinity CMS via API.

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  • Working with the world’s second largest beer company for one of the most prestigious events.
  • Developing the front end of the website for one of the most exciting Olympic Venues during the 2018 Winter Games.
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